Round America Trip – Rules of the Road

The trip ‘Round America covered 50 states and over 2,500 towns. We wanted to make the trip special, and we established Rules of the Road.

These are the Rules of the Road:

Rule #1 See the real world.  Stay off the interstate highways.
Rule #2 Eat pie.  Eat where the locals eat.  Avoid franchised restaurants.  “Slow food” rather than fast food.
Rule #3 See the sights that others miss.  Don’t visit many theme parks.
Rule #4 Plan to enjoy the unexpected.  When something catches your eye, check it out.
Rule #5 Try new things — new places, new people, new food, new experiences.
Rule #6 Stop and smell the roses…or whatever.  No need to rush; enjoy the journey.
Rule #7 Think local.  Listen to local radio stations; read local papers; and watch local TV.
Rule #8 Make the best of every situation,  If it seems boring or ugly or wrong, look again.
Rule #9 Be smart.  Be safe.  Be prepared.  Exercise every day.  Keep the gas tank full.
Rule #10 Preserve the experience.  Maintain a journal; keep records; and take a lot of photos.

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