Round America Trip – The Travelers

Bill Windsor

Bill Windsor; age 54; brother of three; husband of one; father of two; grandfather of one; serial entrepreneur –has started 44 businesses in the last 33 years; publisher for much of his career; author of numerous magazine articles and business publications; record collector with one of the world’s largest collections of 45-rpm records; owner of 1955 Chevrolet Police Car; likes doing things that others might never think to do.

Barbara Windsor

Barbara Windsor; much younger than Bill; sister of three; wife of one; mother of two; grandmother of three; has worked with Bill in many of his businesses over the last 33 years; great interior decorator; doll collector; can’t even believe the crazy stuff Bill comes up with; hesitant about the trip “Round America at first, but became enthusiastic once she got to fly home a few times to see Brittany and Miss Madison.

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