Round America

  • trip 2003 04 06 FL Miami Beach Bill on bench at beach 640
    trip 2003 04 06 FL Miami Beach Bill on bench at beach 640

Round America 50-State Road Trips chronicles the most interesting places to go and sights to see in all 50 states and DC from personal visits by William Michael Windsor.

On April 1, 2003, Bill Windsor took off on his first 50-State road trip. In 2013, he did another 50-state road trip. Bill believes he may be the only person to ever take two 50-state road trips in continuous trips. He personally drove every mile.

Bill wrote a story every night and published them on Sadly, all of that was lost by the work of hackers. Now, Bill will try to rebuild what was lost….

This article about The Pie Trip describes the trip that we planned.

We did a lot of roadtrip planning.  And we established Road Trip Rules.

The trip took 149 days.  We ate 181 pies.  We visited or passed through over 2,500 towns.  Our initial estimate of 18,000 miles was waaaay off.  We drove 30,000 miles.  I temporarily received only one speeding ticket (Day 3), and I beat it.

It was the experience of a lifetime!

Bill took another 50-State road trip in 2013 and 2014; it took almost a full year.