Home…Again – Day 135

Home… Again

Day 135 – August 13, 2003 – Wednesday

Home… Again.  Home in Atlanta. I managed to sleep 10 hours last night — that’s a first!

The weekly radio show with Dan McGrath was this morning. We talked about Washington, DC, the rain on the East Coast, and the Banana Cream Pie at the Atlanticville Restaurant & Cafe in Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina.

I spent some time with Kitty B Kitty. She watched me work from her favorite spot on top of my computer monitor. Miss Madison is coming over to visit tomorrow; she was off on a play day today. She is both walking and talking since I last saw her.

Our Internet Service Provider changed while I was gone, so several hours were spent trying to get my email and Internet Explorer working again. Once accomplished, I began processing photos. I also made a list of all the steps necessary to complete the web site, which includes work needed for writing the book. It’s a big list. It will take quite some time to complete.

Some of the major tasks to be completed on the web site include the following: Update each Daily Journal report and add additional photos; finalize the Best & Worst by adding additional nominees, choosing the Best and Worst in each category, and adding explanations of the awards); update each of the existing sections of the site; adding links to web sites for the various towns, attractions, restaurants, etc. We will also be creating separate web pages for many of the towns we visited as well as for key sights that we saw. The goal will be to make the Round America web site into a helpful tool for anyone wanting information about a particular place or sight that we’ve seen. As we take additional trips in the future, we will make that information and those photos part of the Round America web site.

Bozzie Jane has been working on the reservations for Hawaii, as the trip is not complete until we see the 50th state. We’ve been to Hawaii several times with the kids, but we HAVE to go again as part of the Round America trip. It looks like the flight to Honolulu will be August 20, returning on August 25.

The Daily Journal of Round America:

Each day, we collect our thoughts on a web page just like this. We drop in some of the photos from the day. Our goal with the Daily Journal is to write about the towns we visit, the sights we see, the people we meet, and the pie we eat. We write about where we are, where we’ve been, and where we are going, but we also make observations about what we’ve seen and done as well as about life in general.

You can follow our travels from the Daily Journal section of this web site. Other pages of interest include the running report of “vital statistics” on the Trip Scorecard, our nominations for the Best & Worst of the trip, as well as a rating of the pie we eat. If you’d like to see information for a specific state or town, click here, and then click on the state of interest and the full itinerary is shown.