Rainy Night in Georgia – Day 52

Day 52 – May 22, 2003 – Thursday

Rainy Night in Georgia (Days, Too!)

The day was spent in Atlanta. I was resting, doing some work, and catching up on the photos and reports for the website. The trip was scheduled to resume in a few days.

I was surprised that my eyes closed to half-mast when I got home on the 15th. I was running on adrenalin and didn’t realize it. I planned to add rest and catch-up days for the remainder of the trip, so the trip will be extended again.

It poured rain almost constantly for the week I have been home. Our trees and bushes were big and green, as it appears it rained continuously since we left. It’s hard to go Round America in the rain, so I hope to leave the rain in the rearview mirror when I head up to Tennessee when I resume the road trip. Barbara will stay here and babysit a bit longer; she will meet me in Vegas in about 10 days.

I finally managed to get all of the photos up to date on the website. I arranged a toll-free number Internet service, so this should enable me to get online to update the website even when we are in areas that do not have dial-up Internet service.

We spent the day stocking up and preparing the PT Cruiser for its journey. The most important supplies arrived yesterday! We now had gifts to give people we meet on the trip as we bought a case of beads similar to those I received from the Floating Neutrinos, so we were prepared to share good luck with beads that were traveling Round America.

One of my pairs of glasses broke in Memphis, so those were repaired yesterday by Wilma at Pearle. Haircut by Kara at Aruka in Roswell. Additional Round America signs for the back of the PT Cruiser from Roger and Judy at Signs Sell in Roswell. I picked up another notebook at Office Max. Got a new license plate for the Cruiser. And I purchased some more L.L. Bean shorts. The Cruiser is packed and ready.

Boz is helping me organize all the brochures that came in the mail since we left on April 1, as well as the 120 pounds or so of stuff we accumulated while on the road. Bozzie Jane is entering the additional Best and Worst nominations on the website.

I prepared another news release with a trip update, and I spent time contacting people who have emailed about interviews, pies, etc. on the second half of the trip.

Please let us hear from you on which title you feel would be best for the book.

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